Q: What code reports a caries detectability test using iTero® Element 5D, or similar device?

A: Report D0600 for this diagnostic procedure. The device used must have the ability to quantify structural
mineral changes in tooth structure. Reimbursement may not be available by most plans as this is a fairly new code.

Q: Can D0600 report any cavity detecting device or technique?

A: No. The technology used for this diagnostic procedure must be capable of quantifying, monitoring, and
recording changes in the structure of enamel, dentin, and cementum. It is inappropriate to report D0600
for traditional transillumination technology or techniques. A few examples of technology that are capable of
providing this service are iTero® Element 5D, CariVu™, DIAGNOcam, LUM, and SoproLife diagnostic camera.

Q: Can a separate fee be charged when using the VELscope® or OralID® to perform an adjunctive
oral cancer screening evaluation?

A: Yes, report D0431. The hygienist can screen for oral cancer with the device, but the dentist must also perform the procedure in order to make a definitive diagnosis and charge for the procedure.

Q: How do we report diagnostic casts generated via digital scanning technology?

A: D0470 reports both digital and traditional cast models.