NEA FastLook

Dental claims should always be supported by proper documentation (for example a narrative, radiographic images, or photographs). Most payers have their own set of documentation requirements that should accompany a claim, based on the type of procedure performed. This criteria is established and outlined in the dental plan document and Processing Policy Manual.

Due to the significant variations among payers, many team members struggle to determine the type(s) of documentation that should be included with a given claim. Luckily, there is a resource available that provides up-to-date information on which procedures require documentation, broken down by payer.

NEA’s FastLook is an online resource allowing dental and medical providers access to the documentation requirements of a specific payer, based on the procedure performed. Users simply search by payer name, and then by the procedure code or range of codes. The search will result in a detailed description of the code and its attachment requirements. FastLook also provides the payer’s mailing address, customer service contact information, clearinghouse plan identification number, and attachment return policy.

NEA’s FastLook is available through the National Electronic Attachment, Inc. (NEA) and the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP)  NEA’s FastAttach. subscribers receive the FastLook service free of charge. When a provider registers for the NEA’s FastLook through the NADP website, the subscription service fee is waived.

Failure to provide proper documentation can lead to requests for additional information or even denied claims. Utilizing NEA’s FastLook enables dental teams to submit the proper required documentation, in order to both decrease the frequency of claim denials and to improve timely reimbursements in your practice.