Our doctor would like to place autogenous bone grafts and Infuse bone grafts. What codes should I use to report these procedures?

The CDT bone graft code you report will depend on the purpose of the bone graft.

  • If a bone graft is performed at the time of extraction for socket preservation, D7953 should be reported.
  • If a bone graft is performed on a separate day from the extraction to increase height, width, or volume of the alveolar ridge, then D7950 should be reported. Keep in mind that D7950 includes harvesting autogenous bone or using freeze-dried bone material
  • According to the American Academy of Periodontology, it is appropriate to submit D4265 (biologic material to aid in soft and osseous regeneration) with D7950 when using Infuse bone graft. Include the following narrative: “Bone morphogenic protein is contained within the infused bone graft.” Although some dental plans do not provide a benefit for D4265, some do. As with all dental codes, coverage for D4265 depends on the specific language in each patient’s dental plan.
  • If bone is placed during a sinus lift procedure to increase alveolar height for implant placement, D7951 or D7952 should be reported.

In addition, if a resorbable barrier membrane is used, it should be coded as D4266. A non-resorbable barrier membrane should be reported as D4267.

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